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Night Hog Hunting with Double G Hog Control in Louisiana [VIDEO]

Feral hogs are the scourge of many landowners down south. Watch Double G Hog Control do some work with some awesome night hog hunting in Louisiana.

Double G Hog Control specializes in night hog hunting in central Louisiana. All it takes is a phone call from a farmer who is having trouble with feral hogs to get Double G Hog Control to come to the rescue. It does not take long for a hungry sounder of hogs to cause thousands (or even millions) of dollars worth of damage to a farmer’s fields.

When the guys from Double G Hog Control are in the area, the hogs are no longer safe at night. They have taken over 130 hogs in 2015 (all carcasses are recovered and all the meat is fully utilized), putting their three-year confirmed hog total upwards of 1,000. Armed with modern, semi-automatic rifles and sophisticated night vision equipment, they are every feral hog’s nightmare.

See if you can count how many hogs they bag in this intense video taken over several days of night hog hunting.

Is that some awesome shooting or what? It’s one thing to shoot a stationary hog in a field, but nailing a running shot on a hog is something else entirely. I counted 32 dead hogs over the course of the video.

It’s not 22 in one night, but that is still quite a haul for just a few days of hog hunting. I’ll bet that put a serious dent in the hog population in the area.

Way to go guys, keep up the good work!

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Night Hog Hunting with Double G Hog Control in Louisiana [VIDEO]