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Night Bowfishing for Big Carp is a True Adrenaline Rush

Photos courtesy of Jason Houser

Bowfishing is here to stay. Are you looking for some excitement from sunrise to sunset? If so, bowfishing is your answer.

Bowfishing is gaining in popularity across the country. Boats are being made especially designed for bowfishing; archers can just walk along the banks of a local lake, not to mention big bowfishing tournaments with big payouts; bowfishing has caught on.

Big carp and dogfish are no match for the guys at Total Outdoor Programming and Exodus Bowfishing as they put big fish after big fish into their boat.

Learn some tips the pros use as you follow along on their journey.

Archery gear especially made for putting fish in the boat is not something you will become an expert at using overnight. You might be able to arrow your first fish on your first shot, or it might be the 100th shot.

But when you do arrow, and bring that first fish in, you will be hooked. There is an excitement associated with this new sport that is hard to put into words.

Try it for yourself, and you will know what I am talking about.


Photos courtesy of Jason Houser


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Night Bowfishing for Big Carp is a True Adrenaline Rush