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Guns in the Dark: Night 3 Gun Shooting Challenge [VIDEO]

A recent Top Shot contestant shares his Night 3 Gun shooting tips.

Chris Cheng shares his best tips for this unique kind of challenge in this video from Gunscom.

Using lights and lasers to shoot at night is very different than daylight shooting. Listen up:

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Here are his main two statements about this unique shooting challenge.

The Fundamentals Change – Instead of focusing on your front sights, you have to focus on your target to follow the laser. You have to be able to adjust your perception, but maintain your accuracy.

Laser Color – In the end, use the color that is easier for you to see and follow at night. Most prefer green, but use what works for you!

 Have you ever entered a night shooting challenge before? Share your experience in the comments below!


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Guns in the Dark: Night 3 Gun Shooting Challenge [VIDEO]