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NHL Player Charged with Illegal Grizzly Bear Hunting in Canada


NHL hockey player faces charges for illegal grizzly bear hunting in British Columbia.

Clayton Stoner, a defenseman with the Anaheim Ducks appeared in court 13 November to enter a plea as he is facing five charges for a grizzly hunt he conducted in 2013.

Stoner is accused of illegally killing the bear, local favorite named Cheeky, and has become another flashpoint in the trophy hunting debate in North America.

The controversy first came out when a Canadian newspaper obtained a photo of Stoner holding the severed head of the bear, after the press released the controversial photo to the public.

Native and wildlife groups have expressed their outrage with the bear hunt by the NHL player.

The case centers on the fact that Stoner made a false statement to attain a resident licence for bear hunting, but has not lived in British Columbia for years. Therefore, he is no longer able to claim resident hunting status. The charges against him have not yet been proven in court.

Protesters recently made their discontent known at a Anaheim Ducks game by holding placards and shouting slogans, calling for Stoner to be suspended from playing professional hockey.

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NHL Player Charged with Illegal Grizzly Bear Hunting in Canada