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NH Group Plans to Help Veterans in Need By Taking Them Hunting

A new New Hampshire-based nonprofit is connecting veterans residing in the Live Free or Die State to hunting opportunities.

Those who sacrificed the most for our country living in New Hampshire will have great access to hunting opportunities.

What better way to help veterans in need than time in the outdoors? Spending time in the outdoors relieves stress and makes people happier. Returning veterans battling PTSD and similar conditions after time in combat will especially benefit and recover if they go outdoors.


The New Hampshire Veteran Sportsmen Foundation (NHVSF) is partnering with Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) to help New Hampshire veterans buy hunting licenses. NHVSF received their nonprofit status last November and are actively seeking applications. Here's more about their partner organization QDMA:

"The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) is a non-profit conservation organization working to ensure the future of white-tailed deer, wildlife habitat and our hunting heritage. Since 1988, QDMA has worked to promote sustainable, high-quality deer populations, wildlife habitats and ethical hunting experiences through research, education, advocacy, and hunter recruitment. QDMA teaches deer hunters how to improve local deer populations, habitat and hunting experiences."

"Any veteran. If you served in World War II or Iraq . . . if you were in the Guard, in the Reserves, any veteran in need," said Alex Cote of Deerfield, a member of the NHVSF board of directors said to the Concord Monitor. "We'd like to try to find some of these veterans who have fallen on hard times and can't afford a hunting or fishing license. Just contact us."

Veterans residing in New Hampshire are eligible to participate in this initiative. The combined hunting fishing license costs $56 a year for state residents not currently eligible for other discounts.

Matching returning veterans with outdoor opportunities will further aid them in the long road to recovery. More states should join New Hampshire in equipping veterans with outdoor adventures.


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NH Group Plans to Help Veterans in Need By Taking Them Hunting