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Next Time You Field Dress a Turkey, Make Sure You Keep the Legs

Usually when you field dress a turkey, all that is kept is the breast. That’s a mistake. 

When the time comes to field dress a turkey, plucking out a few feathers and cutting out the breast is often times the most common practice amongst turkey hunters. In a store bought turkey, the legs are often one of the best parts, but in a wild turkey they tend to be very tough and often discarded. As you are about to see, you can put those legs to some use after all.

In the following video, ScoutLookweather breaks down exactly how to get the most you can out of an often discarded piece of meat from an otherwise delicious wild turkey.

I’ll admit to only saving the breasts on a few birds that I have taken, but after this video, that will be thing of the past. It’s amazing how something so small can open up a whole new perspective to common beliefs and practices that are passed down through the generations.

Hopefully you might have learned a thing or two about saving the legs the next time it comes for you to field a dress a turkey as well.

There’s a lot more to the bird that you originally thought.



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Next Time You Field Dress a Turkey, Make Sure You Keep the Legs