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What the Next Generation of Hunters Will Look Like

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As the saying goes; the times they are a changin’. 

We all know how we hunt. We also all know how our parents hunted when they were younger since they taught us their ways. As life goes on, we took the best of what was around and made it better to adapt to our changing situations. So what is the next generation of hunters going to look like?

As I write this, I’m sitting here realizing this generation I’m going to write about is going to be my kids. That itself is a troubling thought for me, but when I actually think about my predictions for where the world of hunting may be going, well that is even a little more troubling. Here are my predictions.

Crossbows will replace compounds as the archery weapon of choice.

I know this topic is the lit fuse to the start of many great debates and arguments around sports stores and neighbor’s garages around the country. However, this fuse was actually lit in 1966 when the first compound was invented. Shortly thereafter, all the recurve hunters were beside themselves because compounds made deer hunting too easy. These days, the compound is by far the weapon of choice for bow hunters all over the country.

Brad Smith

Enter the crossbow. The next generation of hunters will grow up with these modern marvels legal just about everywhere. Fathers will buy these for their children to get them into deer hunting at an early age simply due to their ease of use, incredible accuracy, and short learning curve. By the time this next generation is ready to take the hunting reigns, compounds will be about as ancient as recurves are today.

The next generation of hunters will look fashionable in the woods.

With online social networking dominating the social lives of the current younger generation of hunters, the next generation will be even more sucked into the vacuum of sharing every second of their lives online. How could they ever go to the woods and not look good for a selfie? What if they actually get a deer? That picture will be posted everywhere so they are going to have to pay attention to their dress instead of just their technique.

This isn’t a bad thing though. I’ve looked like a character from every bad hunting movie ever made long enough. Some companies out there are already getting ahead of this curve by offering incredible quality camo and hunting gear that not only looks good, but are is considered “next generation.” Take for example, Badlandspacks. This stuff is durable, warm, stylish, and functional. Exactly what the next generation will wear and the current generation wants.

As the next generation steps up and sights in their guns, they will be wearing camo like this.

Badlands party

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Technology will take hunting to a lower level.

We all know technology is advancing rapidly. That is wonderful news for everyone who wants things quicker and easier. However, when it comes to hunting, the more technology that is brought out to the deer stand or turkey blind, the more the spirit of hunting gets lost.

Maybe that’s just me already becoming a new old purist, but I think the next generation of hunters will be victims of technology rather than advancing from it.


Just imagine the next generation of hunters sitting in their treestands while watching live feeds from their game cameras being streamed to their phones. This technology exists today, but imagine where it will be in 20 years.

Scopes, bullets, guns, cover sprays, binoculars, and all the other hunting tools the current generation uses will only continue to advance taking more and more challenge away from the hunt. Hopefully, the thousands of years of evolution will allow deer, turkeys, bears, or moose to be able to outsmart the technology that’s just on the horizon.


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What the Next Generation of Hunters Will Look Like