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Next Generation Gun Owners Interviewed on ‘Undercovered’ [VIDEO]

NBC News introduces the next generation of gun owners in new series, ‘Undercovered.’

NBC News dove straight into gun culture and violence with their new series, “Undercovered.” This particular segment introduced viewers to the next generation of gun owners, while at the same time confronting the stereotype that all gun owners in America are white males over the age of 55.

Young gun enthusiasts such as Kirsten Joy Wiess, Tori Nonaka, and Colion Noir are featured in this video to help show that even millennials are in support of their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow personally met with a handful of passionate, young gun owners who believe that the recent studies are skewed and inaccurate.

Farrow first visits the Athena Gun Club off of I-10 in Houston, Texas, where he soon finds that the gun club isn’t full of “old white guys.”

He meets with a group of young men and women who claim that going to the gun club is a great way to spend date night and is even better than heading to the bar for drinks.

Next, Farrow meets with Kirsten Joy Weiss. Despite a recent survey stating that gun ownership among the young is low and continuously declining, Weiss believes that it is actually the opposite.

“I can say that specifically for my channel my range of ages, my demographics, is between the ages of 18-35. That is my main group,” Weiss said.

Another gun enthusiast also disagrees with the most recent findings, stating that it is a possibility that millennials are moving to metropolitan areas where it is less practical to own one, but doesn’t necessarily mean that the interest isn’t there. Not to mention, most of the metropolitan areas have stricter gun control laws in place that prevent and discourage individuals from owning one.

Next, Farrow joins Kirsten Joy Weiss and Nick Leghorn just outside of Austin, Texas at a popular outdoor shooting range called Best of the West. Not only does he get the opportunity to take a closer look into each of their passions, but he was able to try it out for himself.

To conclude his findings, Farrow admits that these millennials acknowledge the dangers of gun violence and the importance of gun safety. Overall, the segment was fair and showed view points and concerns from both sides.

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Next Generation Gun Owners Interviewed on ‘Undercovered’ [VIDEO]