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On the Next Episode of Rodent Hell, a House Full of Rats

When you see what some guy finds under this concrete walkway, you'll definitely believe that there are things best left alone.

Ever have one of those days when a rat trap just wouldn't do it? You would think that this guy using a breaker-bar to bust up a concrete sidewalk might be a construction video, but think again.

You'll never feel the same way about walking down a sidewalk ever again.

Warning: If you don't like rats and mice, well, watch anyway.

Remember that time when you busted up an old sidewalk and this happened? I didn't think so. It's a little hard to tell, but there are probably several types of rodents spewing out from under that concrete.

I worked in masonry for many years and I've seen plenty of mice, rats, and other critters come out from under an old walkway, but never like this! Once they start to gather in these kinds of numbers, it's time to call the exterminator.

When this many rodents live in the same place things like ticks, fleas, and diseases come right along with them. This is why people own cats, but the cats might be in trouble at this house.


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On the Next Episode of Rodent Hell, a House Full of Rats