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Your Next Deer Hunting Season Begins NOW!


When is the best time to plan for your next deer hunting season? Right now. 

Many states across the country will see their deer hunting seasons come to a close soon, but while many will wait several months to plan for next season, now is the time to be thinking about the next hunt.

Successful hunters know that the best time to be planning for the next deer hunting season is right as the current one comes to an end, and there are several reasons why.


This is one of the best times to do scouting and planning as deer behavioral patterns return more or less to normal when deer hunting season ends. The deer will revisit their old bedding and feeding grounds more freely with less hunters in the field. This gives hunters a chance to see where the animals live and travel for next deer hunting season.

Another reason to plan for next deer hunting season at this time is, it will be very easy to see where the popular hunting spots were located.

“You can tell where hunters park on public land,” Ken Ballard of Lincoln told reporters. “Tire tracks, paper and cans will usually be around a popular parking spot.”

It’s best to find these spots and look for areas adjacent to them for better deer opportunities.

A group of whitetail deer in the winter snow.

With less people in the field this is a great opportunity to seek out areas that would otherwise be too dangerous or crowded to observe. Looking in open fields in the early morning or late afternoon will provide better results when scouting for next deer hunting season. Also seek out open fields with dense forestry next to them, for places where deer might be migrating in the fall.

Trail Cams

An additional way to prepare for the upcoming hunting season involves trail cams. As many trail cams have extended battery life they can gather weeks of information helping to indicate where the deer travel and which bucks survived the hunting season.

These are just a few of the many reasons right now is the best time to prepare of the next deer hunting season.

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Your Next Deer Hunting Season Begins NOW!