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Newly Signed Outdoor REC Act Proves Just How Valuable Sportsmen are to US Economy

REC act

Outdoorsmen have a much louder voice with the signing of the REC Act. 

Since politicians have been keeping track of economics, outdoors sports and activities have never been given much attention. Despite our industry providing an incredibly yearly economic impact across the country, it is largely ignored. However, that has all changed with the signing of the Outdoor Rec Act on December 8th.

“Passing the REC Act is very important to bowhunting, archery and the shooting sports because it recognizes outdoor recreation is a vital – not just important – part of the U.S. economy,” said Jay McAninch, ATA CEO/president in a press release. “Collectively, the outdoor sports industries represent close to $650 billion in value in economic activity. That’s a huge contribution to the U.S. gross domestic product.”

With this new law, economists now have to calculate hunting, fishing, and other outdoors related sports into economic equations. Because of this, more consideration will be given to these individual fields accordingly to continue to spur the economy.

“This law basically acknowledges the fact that outdoor industries are vital to the American way of life and our economic well-being,” McAninch went on to say. “These are very real industries providing the same benefits and confronting the same challenges as industries in other sectors of the economy. We all deal with factors like labor costs, health care, counterfeiting, supply chains and fair pricing. The REC Act makes us an official part of the U.S. economy”.

This act only goes to prove the benefit of keeping public lands public. It will also help ensure outdoor sports will continue on for a long time to come.

Overall, it’s a win for anyone who enjoys time in the Great Outdoors.


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Newly Signed Outdoor REC Act Proves Just How Valuable Sportsmen are to US Economy