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Newly Discovered Sea Creatures Don't Even Have Names Yet [VIDEO]

NOAA ship explores uncharted ocean depths to discover sea creatures never seen before.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ship Okeanos Explorer uses remote operated vehicles to record images of fantastic deep sea creatures.

The ship uses its broadband capability to allow marine biologists and scientists from around the world to properly identify creatures caught on film. Some of those that have been identified have colorful names like Dumbo octopus, Chaunax and Bathysaurus, and even more outlandish appearances.

But there are some creatures that have been filmed that have never been seen before and have not even been named yet.

This brief glimpse into a strange and wonderful world found at the depths of the ocean affirms that there is still much about our planet that we don't know and have yet to discover. Some of these creatures are as "alien" as anything we might imagine in a science fiction film.

The Okeanos Explorer website has more amazing video footage, and even a live feed, that you can view from the expeditions.

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Newly Discovered Sea Creatures Don't Even Have Names Yet [VIDEO]