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New Zealand Spiders Create a Stunning Scene [VIDEO]

Crazy things happen when New Zealand spiders are involved.

Millions of spiders escaping flooded farmland in Hikurangi, New Zealand are making their presence known with swaths of webs, reports The Northern Advocate.

A 75 meter stretch of Jordan Valley Road is covered with webs, as well as the arachnids, which are crawling through the street and floating through the air attached to pieces of wind-drifted web.

Check out the video from Typhis7 and the Northern Advocate images below to get a better idea of the scene.

The "ballooning" process, which involves young spiders (money spiders, in this case) looking to travel long distances while attached to the silk-like substance, is responsible for the web coverage.


Tractors, signs, trees, and anything else in the wind's path were covered by the floating webs.


The ballooning silk is different than the silk used to make webs, noted Northern Regional Council biosecurity officer Ross Johnson in the Northern Advocate piece.


Have you ever seen spiders ballooning? 


Images via John Stone/Northern Advocate

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New Zealand Spiders Create a Stunning Scene [VIDEO]