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New Zealand Hunting is Spectacular [VIDEO]

With the help of outfitters, journals, and articles, hunting New Zealand can be your best hunt ever.

How much do you know about the spectacular hunting of tahr, chamois, or red stagg in New Zealand? If you have considered this beautiful place, did you get a chance to research the appropriate sites to see how to plan your journey?

If you want a beautiful hunt in the bush, New Zealand will become your favorite place of all time. Not only is New Zealand a great place for hunting wild game, it also provides some of the best trekking (hiking) in the world. Whether stepping foot at the base of an uninhabited mountain that’s trail less, or following trails throughout the beautiful landscape of New Zealand, both will provide you with an amazing journey that’ll be remembered for a lifetime.

If you’re encouraged to hunt New Zealand and have watched the many television shows, don’t be fooled. Even though these channels provide a way to see the beautiful terrain that the bush of New Zealand provides, most of them are devoted to transporting their clients, typically very wealthy wannabe hunters, deep into the bush with bush helicopters.

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These clients don’t need much preparation on their so-called hunt because it’s no different that taking your favorite cow that you’ve raised for the last few years of your life. Feed it, water it, give it the appropriate vaccines, and you have beef on the table!

Most of the television shows that we watch regarding the “perfect” hunt in New Zealand are not factual.  In fact, a good portion of these hunts are created specifically for each individual client. If you’re willing to pay a lot of money, you’ll get a trophy animal. As well, you’ll get helicoptered right to the animal, often times located behind closed fences, and take a shot sitting in a recliner. Chances are, you’ll even have an ice cold Speight’s Gold Medal Ale, one of the traditional beers of New Zealand, after you spend all that time, money, and effort.

The good news, for those that don’t have the big money to take this “perfect” hunt that you often watch on television, be advised that other opportunities are available for the middle class normal hunter. As a matter of fact, you’ll have pretty good odds to do much the same as the big spender.

If you’re willing to take advice, trek the rugged terrain in the beautiful country of New Zealand, and spend some quality time in the bush, you’ll have many of the same options as the one that shot the gold medal red stagg within the parameters of the closed fence.

While it appeals to many to get a trophy animal, many people prefer the hunt over the kill. True sportsmen are willing and able to take the necessary time to plan and prepare for their journey, which sometimes is very difficult and may not be as comforting as sitting on your front patio with a cold beer in hand. New Zealand has these opportunities and are truly more enjoyable than the majority of television that you watch.

Take your love of hunting and experience the great outdoors that New Zealand has to offer. Spend some time researching the territory and you will afford the same journey that the wealthy enjoy, but with more than just a trophy kill – THE HUNT!

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New Zealand Hunting is Spectacular [VIDEO]