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New Zealand Beach Joggers Find Washed up Lancetfish

Images via Unilad and Daily Mail

Just about any time a lancetfish is found, it’s pretty big news. 

Two buddies were jogging down Fitzroy Beach on New Zealand’s North Island when they came across something that very few people have ever seen in person.

What they found was a lacetfish floundering in shallow water.

Nik Pyselman and Cam Twigley, the two joggers, quickly realized they were looking at something face to face that was highly unusual.


“It looked like it was struggling a bit to get off the shore. I knew we had stumbled across something out of the ordinary so I grabbed it by the tail and lifted it out”, Twigley said in an interview with the Daily Mail. “We were pretty shocked when we got a proper look at it. It’s like a hybrid of a baracoota with its fang-like teeth and a sailfish with its tall fin. I’ve definitely never seen anything like it.”


Lancetfish are a very deepwater fish. They are known to live at depths of up to 1000-meters or more and are also cannibals against their own species. Little is actually known about these fish but they are found just about everywhere around the planet except in very cold waters.

The lancetfish fish found by the joggers has since been frozen. From there, it will be used for future scientific samples and most likely, more pictures.

If I would ever happen to find one of these things, I would probably mistake it for some sort of monster hybrid sailfish creature and call the X-files.


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New Zealand Beach Joggers Find Washed up Lancetfish