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This is Why New Zealand is a Fly Fisher’s Paradise

Ever dream about fly fishing in New Zealand? Watch this video and you might book a trip!

Mike Kirkpatrick, a fly fishing guide based out of the south island of New Zealand, shows us how gorgeous and amazing the country really is. Embarking on an overnight trek up stream with Wanaka-based guide, Jake Berry, they immediately run into some amazing fishing. With these waters being Jake’s backyard, the two of them really bring some trophies to hand.

New Zealand has quickly become many fly fisher’s dream paradise, and have flocked to get a glimpse of this adventurous wild area. Trout is the main reason to visit here with a fly rod. Due to the river systems not being pressured, the fishing is second to none. Massive brown trout will rise to dry flies, without thinking twice about it! Huge rainbows will hit streamers with reckless behavior. And dare I mention fish rising to mouse imitations? This all happens in this majestic country.

The water throughout is tranquil. You can count the rocks on the bottom of the river! Side creeks can provide a lot of action, as Mike and Jake show us. Being stealthy can definitely increase the odds of getting a fish turn rise to a dry fly. The greatest thing about these river is the amount of trophy fish in them. If you miss a fish, there are a hundred more a mile from where you are standing. So one need not worry about striking out on a trip.

Watching these two for the duration of the trip, can definitely make one envious. I don’t know if the views or the plentiful bounty of trophy trout make me want to visit more! Hopefully this video brings you one step closer to pulling the trigger on visiting this breathtaking and adventurous place.


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This is Why New Zealand is a Fly Fisher’s Paradise