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You May Not See New York Striped Bass Fishing This Good for a While [VIDEO]

New York striped bass fishing has been known to be great, but can it last?

Bill Boyce from IGFA Saltwater Adventures got to film some impressive striped bass fishing for a show segment a couple years back.

Watch how successful he and his angling mates are, and then read more about the striped bass situation in New York after the video.


That looked like a heck of a day fishing, but some Empire State anglers are noticing much lower numbers of striped bass, seeing difficulty in catching them, and are worried about their dwindling populations in light of recent studies.

Once viewed as a success story after overfishing led to a moratorium in the 1980s, the striped bass is again seeing effects, and the fishing public may be doomed to repeat its earlier mistakes. In fact, striped bass were so abundant in the area that they were used as agricultural fertilizer.

Reductions in the amount of striped bass that you can harvest have again been decreased, but protecting saltwater fish and the habitats they live in will need total understanding between state, federal and public entities.

To do your part and help the cause, check out the New York DEC Striped Bass Cooperative Anglers Program (SBCA), which encourages anglers to send data and scale samples to supplement the Marine Recreational Fisheries Statistics Survey (MRFSS) with additional information from the state’s recreational fishery.

While you and your pals may not get triple hookups or see boiling bass on the surface, maintaining some sort of balance and providing info when you can will be key as the Atlantic ecosystem continues to change.

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You May Not See New York Striped Bass Fishing This Good for a While [VIDEO]