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New York’s Save the River Program Aims to Help the St. Lawrence Fishery [PICS]

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Save the River is designated as the upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper organization and a member of the International Waterkeeper Alliance. Their mission is to protect and preserve the ecological integrity of the upper St. Lawrence River.

The Save the River catch and release program is meant to open the eyes of anglers and visitors to New York's St. Lawrence River region. With muskellunge and bass fishing seasons opening June, 20th 2015 on the St. Lawrence River, anglers are reminded of significant changes in the regulations for 2015.

The minimum size limit for muskellunge on Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence and Niagara Rivers has been raised to 54 inches, which makes it consistent with Lake Erie. Opening day remains the same, starting on the third Saturday in the month of June.

Other regulation changes have been made and went into effect on April 1, 2015. Those include the minimum size limit increase for muskellunge and its extended season statewide, and for specific waters such as Lake Champlain.


All highlights of the changes are listed in the 2015-16 Freshwater Fishing Regulations Guide.

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New York’s Save the River Program Aims to Help the St. Lawrence Fishery [PICS]