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The Ultimate New York Winter Fishing Gear Guide

Ready for some New York winter fishing? Not without this gear you aren't.


Fishing in New York comes with a lot of advantages, but when the sun goes behind clouds, the snow falls, and the temperatures drop, it doesn't mean you have to call it quits until spring.

There's, of course, limited open water these days, so a little ice fishing might be in order. Perch, northern, and panfish are around, and waiting to take your bait. Steelhead, rainbow & brown trout are less active, but can still be found in the accessible rivers and streams.

Of course, you can't walk out your door with just the gear you take on a summer fishing trip, so read up on what will help you get through the next few months.

Check out the slideshow to see our picks for New York winter fishing gear.

Patagonia 3-in-1 River Salt Jacket

Winter fishing in the Empire State starts, and pretty much ends, with the jacket you're wearing. Go with the Patagonia 3-in-1 River Salt Jacket and you'll wonder why you didn't sooner.

Redington Windproof 8-Finger Glove

A jacket's one thing, but those winter winds can cause serious hand problems, hindering casts and retrieves. Some Redington Windproof 8-Finger Glove will keep that from being a problem.

Plano Soft Storage System Lumbar Fishing Pack

The Plano Soft Storage System Lumbar Fishing Pack is better than a traditional hard-sided tackle box, and will hold everything you need.

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 7000 Baitcasting Rod & Reel Combo

The tackle can make a big difference when fishing in New York. Try an Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 7000 Baitcasting Rod & Reel Combo if you're in saltwater off of Long Island or the surrounding area.

Frabill Straight Line 371 combo

Upstate New York sees enough cold weather that ice fishing becomes a popular angling activity, so if you're on hard water, go with a Frabill Straight Line 371 combo for proven performance.

Clam Torch Light

How often do you find yourself putting flashlights in your mouth to keep both hands free? This Clam Torch Light is perfect for dark ice shacks or dusk/dawn rigging or adjusting.

Aqua-Vu Micro Plus Underwater Camera with DVR

Using a camera for any ice fishing, especially in New York, is a huge advantage. See what you can see with the Aqua-Vu Micro Plus, a compact way to keep tabs underwater. It even has a DVR!

Berkley Fishing Multitool

Berkley Fishing Multitool is a must-have for just about any angler. Steelhead, which can actually be caught well into winter in New York, can ruin a jig all they want, and this tool will have the last word.

Lindy Frostee Spoon

What about baits and lures? If you're ice fishing for walleyes and panfish, try big, flashy, noisy spoons like this Lindy Frostee Spoon.

Tasmanian Devil

Another option, better for open water, would be the Tasmanian Devil. They're effective on trout as well as steelhead, walleye, pike, bass and salmon.

King Kooker Square Fish Cooker

Sure, plenty of anglers do it for fun, but if you're hoping to have a fish fry with your catch, a King Kooker is just the ticket.

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The Ultimate New York Winter Fishing Gear Guide