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New York Times’ Slideshow Profiles Sportsmen

A major American publication highlights firearms and sportsmen in this photo-based piece.

The New York Times posted this slideshow feature today titled Gun Country, which explores firearm ownership in the US.

The slideshow profiles seven different people from across the US, some of which are sportsmen, who represent the positive and negative aspects of owning a firearm.

The stories include a father who takes his nine-year old son turkey hunting for the first time; a middle-aged M.R.I Technologist who actively participates in shooting competitions; and a female Olympic sharpshooter whose brother (also an Olympic sharpshooter) committed suicide with a gun.

Read about hunting used for rehab.

Additional characters include a yoga-practicing housewife who wants to teach her kids about guns; a victim of multiple gun shots from street violence; a housewife whose husband repeatedly threatened to shoot her over the course of their marriage; and a funeral home director who repeatedly deals with gun violence victims.

Some shed a favorable light on possessing firearms, while others reveal the darker paths some gun owners choose to take.

It’s not every day that the New York Times profiles sportsmen, so we thought you should take a look.

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New York Times’ Slideshow Profiles Sportsmen