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New York State Residents Can Take Their Hunter Education Course Online


Citizens of New York can sign up online for their hunter’s education safety course and ultimately get their approved hunting certificate.

This online course has the blessing of New York State and meets the standards of the International Hunter Education Association making it the right choice for everyone.

Although most recognize this test as meant for younger hunters, it is ready to be used by anyone that has a desire to hunt in the great state of NY.

Signing up for this online course is free and listed as “pay only when you pass.” The test may be taken in unlimited attempts until successful.

This particular course was developed in cooperation with the New York Department of Environmental Conservation and is specific to New York State.

Jamestown Post Journal
Jamestown Post Journal

Some 45 other states in the U.S have online hunter safety courses. These courses are provided to start young and other novice hunters with firearm safety rules, hunting and conservation knowledge, and the understanding of respectable and responsible behavior in the field.

According to the sites frequently asked question forum, the online hunter exam is $24.50, but there is no charge for the hunter education certificate.

For more information call the NYS DEC at 518-402-8013 or use the DEC’s website.


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New York State Residents Can Take Their Hunter Education Course Online