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New York Pheasant Hunt Yields a Well-Earned Rooster [VIDEO]

A New York pheasant hunt, featuring a good gun dog and the right cover, puts a nice rooster in the bag.

Hunting in New York can be some of the best there is for many of the species we target and this time, pheasants are on the board.

Watch a tough shot turn in to a second chance and then a pheasant dinner.

Sounds like this was a seasonal release somewhere in (according to the YouTube user) Schoharie County, New York.

If you’ve pheasant hunted long enough, eventually you will down a bird that will need a re-flush.

This is where having a good dog with you is huge! Roosters are notorious runners, but when hit they sometimes sit tight.

This one needed a close-in flush to get it air born again giving the hunter a good going-away shot to finish it off.

Roasted pheasant anyone?

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New York Pheasant Hunt Yields a Well-Earned Rooster [VIDEO]