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New York Hunter Takes 500-Pound Black Bear

A deer hunter from Byron, New York got the surprise of his life when he bagged a huge 500-pound black bear during his deer hunt.

Jimmy Worthington has been hunting for most of his 52 years, but on November 6, 2015, he saw something he’d never seen before in his life.

Despite the fact that the deer hunting was so slow, he was about to tag the trophy of a lifetime and it was no whitetail. Worthington said “I heard something coming and didn’t know what it was.”

Little did he know, but a huge boar was on its way toward him and he was going to have to think fast.

When the big bruin got to within 20 yards of him, he knew it was game time. “It turned and was running right at me. When it saw me it stopped, and I shot it pretty much right between the eyes,” the hunter said.

Facebook/Jason Doty
Facebook/Jason Doty

The hunter from Byron said that he figured the bear weighed as much as 500 pounds live weight. The huge black bear got on the scale and dropped it to 445 pounds after being field dressed.

He has plans to mount the head, although friends are calling for him to go further.

“The people I hunt with say I should get a full-body mount,” said Worthington. “My wife isn’t too keen on that, but I might do it.”

Before the big bear showed up he had convinced himself that if he didn’t see a deer, he was going to go home. Good thing for this hunter that his luck changed in an instant and gave him a memory to live with forever.

As the humble man said in his own words “I just got lucky, that’s all”


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New York Hunter Takes 500-Pound Black Bear