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New York Fishing Regs to Continue Through March 2015

The New York fishing regulations have conformed to new licensing structures and dates.

Thanks to the New York Department of Conservation’s foresight, the state’s current freshwater fishing regulations will remain intact until March 31, 2015.

After that, on April 1, new freshwater rules will take effect and a new regulations guide will be available from all license sale vendors. Current regulations will be available online here, and likely be replaced with another online version in April of next year.

“This change was made based upon the change to the effective dates of our freshwater fishing licenses,” said Commissioner Joe Martens in the official news release. “In the past, fishing licenses, like our hunting licenses were effective October 1 thru September 30. Fishing licenses are now effective 365 days from the date of purchase and it made sense to adjust the effective dates of our fishing regulations to coincide with the April 1 opener of the statewide trout season which is our traditional kickoff to the freshwater fishing season.”

A series of new regulation proposals are available here, and are open for public comment beginning in mid-September, 2014.

Because of the date shifts, New York anglers are reminded that they’ll need to pay attention to the date of purchase, since that will be the expiration date in the following year.

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New York Fishing Regs to Continue Through March 2015