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New York Deer Hunter Bags Trophy Buck… with His Truck

New York

A Central New York deer hunter hit a 15-point buck with his truck. Now, the big deer might qualify for the record book.

When Jim Murphy was driving down Route 173 near Manlius, NY, he couldn't have been thinking that a trophy buck, the likes of which may adorn the record book one day, might cross his path.

Worse than most difficult roadkill situations was the fact that Murphy is an ardent deer hunter himself. While we've all heard stories from friends and acquaintances about 'the big one' getting hit by a car, this one would take on a personal note for one NY hunter.

Murphy said, "That fact that I hit and killed the remarkable and extraordinary animal seems like an undeserving outcome for both of us."

Since the record books indicate that a 'found dead buck' can qualify for scoring, another 60-day wait (drying period) will tell if the big buck will make it in the book. Murphy went on to tell the NY Antler Outdoors Facebook page:

"We must honor an animal of this magnitude. His intelligence and instincts allowed him a long and notable life. This beautiful deer will be preserved not as a trophy but as a tangible reminder that life is not a guarantee. Things can happen in an instant beyond anyone's control. We must appreciate and enjoy life and the people in it."

A beautiful sentiment from a hunter and outdoorsman that should adorn the plaque on this trophy someday!

Cover photo via NY Antler Outdoors

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New York Deer Hunter Bags Trophy Buck… with His Truck