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New York Community's "Residential" Deer Survives 7th Straight Hunting Season


Pulaski's 'Bella the Deer' celebrates the closing of her seventh straight deer season.

Bella the deer is somewhat of a celebrity in the town of Pulaski. She walks the streets, visits neighbors and children, gets into mischief, and more.

She is currently almost seven years old, and much to the relief of the town, has made it through yet another deer hunting season unscathed.

Bella became adopted by the community when her mother was hit by a car back in 2009. A local farmer took Bella in for the winter before setting her loose when the time was right.

Since leaving the farm she still stays close to the town and the comfort people bring her. She has become so comfortable with the townspeople she will eat right out of their hands and even let them give her a scratch behind the ears.

The town has even gone as far as creating a FaceBook Page for her called "Bella Deer." People can post photos or share stories of their run ins with the special doe.


New York's Department of Environmental Conservation is not too happy about her love for the townspeople or their love for her, though.

Generally when deer or other wildlife become to friendly with people they are put down to prevent other wildlife from following in their steps and for safety issues.

They wished that the farmer would have called them to take Bella when she was a fawn so she could have been rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

People feeding wildlife, specifically deer, can be nice at first but soon leads to nuisance issues and eventually excessive deer numbers in a small area, something the DEC is currently dealing with in Fayetteville and parts of Syracuse.

People are asked that if an incident has occurred where wildlife have become injured or orphaned to please call their local wildlife officers to address the issue.

All photos courtesy of Bella's FaceBook Page

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New York Community's "Residential" Deer Survives 7th Straight Hunting Season