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New York Bill Introduced to Ban Kids Under 12 From Gun Shows

Should children under 12 years old be banned from attending New York gun shows?

New York lawmaker and Democrat Linda B. Rosenthal thinks so.


As reported by, New York Assemblywoman Linda B. Rosenthal has introduced a bill to ban children from attending gun shows anywhere in the state. While she represents a portion of Manhattan, where few gun shows take place, her move may affect those farther away from her respective area. Rosenthal is quoted as saying:

Within New York State and other areas of jurisdiction, we have myriad regulations that seek to protect minors from exposure to certain potentially dangerous situations and influences. For example, a minor is restricted from watching films or playing certain video games that portray deadly weaponry and gunplay. Currently, however, minors of any age may gain unfettered access to a gun show.

The bill proposal comes after many new gun laws are introduced and debated across the country.

Gun shows, meanwhile, remain a fixture in the sportsmen community, and often serve as gathering places for members who participate and hope to pass on the sport.

If the bill is passed into law, it will be one of the first laws affecting shows, and not the carry or punishment, of firearms since the latest incidents which have brought guns to the forefront of the nation's attention.

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New York Bill Introduced to Ban Kids Under 12 From Gun Shows