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New YETI Products Debut at ICAST [PICS]

All photos courtesy of YETI Coolers

YETI Coolers unveils newest lineup of products in nearly three years at ICAST.

YETI Coolers are known the world over for building some of the best and nearly indestructible coolers and drinkware to ever hit the market. They are to go-to choice of almost all die-hard outdoorsmen for every activity from fishing to camping.

They decided to give a sneak peek of what new products they have lined up to release later this year at the 2015 ICAST. ICAST is the world’s largest sportfishing trade show that allows vendors to show off their latest in fishing gear, accessories, and apparel.

Along with their current lineup of coolers, YETI introduced the newest Tundra cooler in nearly three years, the Tundra 210. The new cooler that will be available this fall has over 12,000 cubic inches of storage space making it one of their largest coolers available.


“The Tundra Cooler has been the foundation of YETI for a long time and we’re excited about out first new addition to the line in years,” said Roy Seiders the founder and CEO of YETI Coolers. “The Tundra 210 fills a need within out line of coolers and we’re confident it’ll deliver on the needs of our consumers in even the toughest conditions.”

The Tundra 210 also sports their ColdLock Gasket which locks in cold and blocks heat. The cooler’s NeverFail Hinge System and rubber T-Rex Lid Latches make for super long-lasting and secure storage no matter how you abuse it. Just like other coolers it will also have their patented Vortex Drainage System to allow you to drain the cooler quickly when your trip is done.

Just like all the other Tundra coolers the 210 is certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee as bear resistant and dry ice compatible. The Tundra 210 will be available on September 1, 2015 with an MSRP of $799.99.

Their next reveal was a new addition to their drinkware series. The Rambler Lowball is the newest addition to their Rambler series.


The kitchen grade 18/8 stainless steel cup with double-wall vacuum insulation is guaranteed to keep any beverage hot or cold down to the last drop. This 10-ounce cup also sports YETI’s No Swear technology to keep moisture from forming on the outside.

“We continue to expand out Rambler drinkware series to meet the demands of the marketplace and the Lowball occupies a unique space in our line,” said Seiders. “Like all the YETI products the Lowball is proven to keep drinks colder longer, but its ability to keep beverages hot over time show the versatility inherent in the Rambler series and we’re really excited about the dual functionality of the Lowball.”

The Rambler 20 ounce Tumbler lid is compatible with the cup for those times you’re on the go. The Lowball will be available starting October 1, 2015 with an MSRP of $24.99.

YETI fans are some of the most loyal; they are sure to be excited with this product news.

All photos courtesy of YETI Coolers.

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New YETI Products Debut at ICAST [PICS]