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New World Record Paddlefish Taken in Montana

They knew it was big but they had no idea it was a new world record paddlefish.

Justin Fisketjon, a Sidney, Montana native, is officially a world record paddlefish title holder in the bowfishing arena. It's a little known fact that bowfishing for paddlefish is legal in the state of Montana, but for those that participate in this sport, it's a completely unique challenge that has way more misses than hits. For Fisketjon though, it was definitely a hit.

For the past four years, Fisketjon has connected with a paddlefish with his bow during the paddlefish season. This year however, will be something he will never forget.

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"This one definitely fought more than the rest of the paddlefish I've caught," Fisketjon said in an interview. "It's kind of crazy in that you wait for part of a fish to come up then draw back fast and put an arrow into the water. You're just kind of guessing where the fish is going, and it's pretty exciting."

After Fisketjon was able to get his giant paddlefish to shore, that's when he realized just how big his fish was. Measuring out to 69 inches, he quickly took his fish to certified scales to see how would it measure up. 85 pounds later, he was holding a new world record paddlefish taken by bow.

Congrats Mr. Fisketjon on your giant paddlefish. From the challenge it sounds like these fish are to take with a bow, you deserve it!



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New World Record Paddlefish Taken in Montana