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New Wisconsin State Law Allows Crossbow Hunting This Deer Season

Wisconsin’s “purist” archers disagree with a new state crossbow law.

Wisconsin, you can relax. Bow season is finally here. And with it brings a new change that all Wisconsin bow hunters should be aware of.

The Wisconsin legislature recently passed a law that will allow crossbow hunting this deer season. In response, a group of self-proclaimed “purist” bow hunters who only hunt using traditional bow and arrow, have collectively voiced their opposition to the new law. The Wisconsin Radio Network summarized some of the arguments.

Crossbow hunting allows most everyone—young, old, or disabled—to hunt just like those who are physically able to bow hunt. As for the purist bow and arrow hunters, they will still be able to maintain their preference of bow and arrow hunting, all while not being affected by crossbow hunters.

Granted, I understand the argument the purist bow and arrow hunters are making, which is generally this: There is more gamesmanship in bow and arrow hunting—which takes more skill than simply pulling the trigger on a crossbow. However, in response to that argument, the policy behind the new Wisconsin law is to allow all those who wish to hunt, regardless of age or physical ability, to hunt—just like everyone else.

What do you think of the new Wisconsin law? Leave your comments in the comments section below.


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New Wisconsin State Law Allows Crossbow Hunting This Deer Season