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This New Weapon Against the Recent Screwworm Outbreak May Surprise You

When it comes to winning the fight against this recent screwworm outbreak, all procedures are necessary! 

As of October 14th, 83 key deer have been euthanized due to the screwworm outbreak that has been flourishing in the population. Authorities are currently using multiple approaches to control the outbreak.

The Miami Herald reported in a recent article that the newest approach is the implementation of self-medication stations for the deer to access throughout the day. The stations are set up in the far reaches of the National Key Deer Refuge to help reach dear that will not eat the medicated bread being fed to the tame populations in surrounding neighborhoods.

The video below is an example of one of the stations in use.

In addition to the stations, authorities have are currently working on an effort to breed sterile flies into the population. The point of introducing the sterile flies is to slowly eradicate the entire fly population through genetic modification. This approach takes time, but it has proven to be successful in other species experiencing similar issues in the past.

While the scenario looks grim, the authorities say they have high hopes and are optimistic about their efforts to control the situation.

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This New Weapon Against the Recent Screwworm Outbreak May Surprise You