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New Way to Find a Hunting Lease

A new startup is working to connect hunters with the right lease.

Virginia-based startup Outdoor Access is looking to be the AirBnB of deer hunting. The company launched its app in the first week of Virginia’s archery season, and it might just prove to be a useful tool for hunters.

Outdoor Access is a website that enables land owners to list their property and qualify how their property should is to be used for hunting. Once the property is listed, qualified urban archers then make reservations to use the land. Hunters undergo a background check and reserve the parcel.

Outdoor Access’s co-founder Buck Robinson is stated as saying “We wanted to let landowners know that there is a viable, legal option to bring order to the chaos caused by deer.” Using an open platform, landowners are able to report problems anywhere.

Outdoor Access is not limiting itself to bowhunting. Members will get special access for camping, fishing, and other approved activities. Land can be listed for any activity and anyone can join the site for a membership fee. Taking advantage of mapping software that shows the location and photos, landowners can go as far as to post what parts they are leasing to activities and entry and exit points.


At this time the application is only available for the James City, York, and Chesterfield counties. Outdoor Access has plans to expand. Next year the company is planning to extend across the Southeast and eventually work at a national level.

Membership prices are reasonable at $120 per year for a non-hunting membership, and $150 for a hunting only membership. Members can go all out with an all access membership running $200 a year granting them access to all types of recreation.


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New Way to Find a Hunting Lease