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Baltimore Water Wheel Pulls in Tons of Trash [VIDEO]

The Inner Harbor of Baltimore is now a much cleaner waterway due to the invention of a trash-collecting water wheel.

John Kellett, a man who was tired of hearing tourists call the harbor disgusting, decided to take action and clean up the water. His idea was to use a water wheel to churn up the water and collect trash that accumulated over time from heavy rains.

Watch this video from HealthyHarbor to see how it works:

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In an NPR article written by Julia Botero, Kellett says, "It looks sort of like a cross between a spaceship and a covered wagon and an old mill. It's pretty unique in its look, but it's also doing a really good job getting this trash out of the water."

This solar-powered water wheel may be the beginning of a cleaner future (Photo via EcoWatch)

The water wheel was placed in the harbor in May, and since then it has churned up at least 40 tons of trash from the water. With this new wheel, everyone's lives are a little easier, and more pleasant.

What does this mean for things such as fishing? It opens up a lot of doors for the general improvement of our waters. We may be surprised to see the amounts of trash in the water just in our local lakes, ponds, rivers and ocean waterways.

The city of Baltimore wants to make the harbor clean enough to swim in by 2020. If the water wheel, and some more human efforts can pull that off, it could mean amazing things for fish habitats around the world.

Do you think something like this water wheel could be used in your area?

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Baltimore Water Wheel Pulls in Tons of Trash [VIDEO]