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New Walleye and Yellow Perch Fishing Regulations in Saginaw Bay, Michigan

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Regulations for possession limits of yellow perch and walleye have changed for Saginaw Bay, Michigan. 

Anglers will have some new regulations to be aware of when fishing Saginaw Bay in Michigan. An increase in walleye and a decrease in perch has forced the Michigan National Resources Commission to approve changes to size and possession limits for the fish there.

Size limits on walleye have been reduced to 13 inches, and the daily limit increased to eight. Anglers will not be able to take as many yellow perch; the commission approved reduction of the limit from 50 to 25.

The changes are not random. Populations of young yellow perch are being preyed upon by walleye. The latter's numbers have seen a rebound recently.

"Both walleye and yellow perch are of great importance to anglers and the local economy in the Saginaw Bay area," said fisheries manager Jim Baker in the release.

These new regulations went into effect immediately upon approval Oct. 8. It is expected the regulations will remain in place for the 2016 fishing season as well. The big goal is an overall improvement in fishing in Saginaw Bay.

"With these changes to recreational fishing regulations, anglers can assist the DNR in achieving its goal of stabilizing the predator/prey ratio and making yellow perch and walleye fishing the best it can be," said Todd Grischke, Lake Huron Basin Coordinator in the press release.

Anglers can see a map of the area affected by the new regulations on the DNR's website.

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New Walleye and Yellow Perch Fishing Regulations in Saginaw Bay, Michigan