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New Walleye Tournament Circuit in South Dakota

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South Dakota’s tournament organization, The Fishing Crew, recently withdrew from the state’s tournament circuit, so it’s only fitting a new walleye fishing tournament trail is coming to town for the 2015 season.

The South Dakota Elite Walleye Series is a new team circuit created by Brock DuFrain of Geddes, South Dakota. DuFrain said, “Anglers seem to be looking for some other circuit options, other than what has previously been available.”

The series is also filling the anglers’ requests of lower entry fees, Team of the Year award, and single event participation. As this new series finds its fins in the walleye tournament circuits, you can bet the South Dakota die-hard walleye anglers will be all in on this new and upcoming trail.

Walleye fishing is more than a recreational activity in South Dakota. It is a tradition and a way of life for the numerous anglers and guides who depend on the great fisheries found throughout the state. Additionally, a well-run, highly-promoted tournament circuit is a critical aspect of bringing attention to South Dakota’s awesome fisheries. The facilities are available to residents and nonresidents thinking about planning a walleye excursion to one of these amazing fisheries.

If you follow any of the walleye fishing tournament trails, you know the roller coaster ride we have all experienced. Rising fuel costs and lack of sponsorship money has made it tough to stay afloat over the past several years. However, many clubs and organizations weathered the storm due to the dedication of many tournament anglers and local sponsors. South Dakota, Wyoming, Minnesota, and a few other Midwest states host several local walleye tournaments a year, because they have exceptional fishing and die-hard walleye anglers.

In many cases, these local tournaments provide greater payouts than some of the larger, regional trails, like the Cabela’s Masters Walleye Circuit. This is mainly due to local participation and the lower entry fees. However, the Cabela’s circuit is the way to go if you want to expand your tournament fishing to a regional and a national level.

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The newly-formed walleye trail will fill the void in the absence of The Fishing Crew. It provides a top-quality angling opportunity, with competitive payouts and a “Team of the Year” competition for local and non-local anglers. DuFrain has extensive fishing experience and proven business skills, so the local fishing community is confident this series will become even better than the previous one.

Whether you are an experienced tournament pro or just getting into competitive fishing, this is a great opportunity.  Entries are limited to 90 teams per tourney and will fill up fast, so don’t hesitate. Get your spots locked in early, and start working on your game plan.

The first tournament is just a few short weeks away on April 11 at Lake Francis Case, Chamberlin, so be sure to register soon!

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New Walleye Tournament Circuit in South Dakota