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New Underwater Camera Will Change Fish Pictures Forever [VIDEO]

All photos via GoFishCam

This easily-attachable underwater camera is a game changer to the fishing industry. 

In what seems like a short time coming, a new HD camera created by GoFish Inc, is coming to a lake, river, ocean, or pond near you.

Soon, fishermen will have the ability actually take pictures of fish underwater as they are about to hit a lure. The entire fight can be captured on video as well.

This new underwater camera just might become the new norm for taking pictures of fish.


To see a real quick demo of what this camera can do, here is a video you are going to want to see.

Right now, a Kickstarter campaign is underway to fund the project of bringing this full-color adventure underwater camera to market.

The GoFish Cam, as it is currently being called, easily attaches to a fishing line, right above the lure, and is even effective down to 150 meters deep.


As of now, there is no retail price available for the GoFish Cam. General guesses estimate it will be inline with popular GoPro-style cameras.

The goal of the creators of this new underwater camera is to make it as common as the GoPro is today.

All photos via GoFishCam

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New Underwater Camera Will Change Fish Pictures Forever [VIDEO]