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New UK Shooting Magazine Reflects the Growth of Rifle Shooting Sports

Rifle Shooter, a new UK shooting magazine being launched this month, is a indication of the rising popularity of shooting and hunting in Great Britain.

Rifle Shooter is the latest example of a growing interest in the sportsman pursuits that the UK can offer.

The new title follows on from the success of existing publications produced by regional publisher Archant, including Sporting Shooter and Clay Shooter.

The editor, Dom Halton, who regularly participates in rifle shooting, said: “It is great to be involved in a brand new magazine and it reflects the strong performance of our shooting titles in the past 18 months as well as the growing optimism within the industry from a commercial perspective.


“Rifle ownership in the UK is at its highest level since records started, buoyed in part by the fact we have the highest deer population in the UK since the Ice Age.”

Halton also points to the popularity of international hunting trips as another reason why more people are getting into rifles. “Hunting abroad is increasingly popular while the target shooting scene – in particular long-range shooting – is also very healthy.”

The magazine contains a good balance of reviews, tips, hunting stories and competitions. It is available in print and online through iTunes.

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New UK Shooting Magazine Reflects the Growth of Rifle Shooting Sports