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NEW: Toxic 6-Blade Broadhead from Flying Arrow Archery [VIDEO]

The recently released Toxic 6-blade broadhead looks like it can do some serious damage.

Flying Arrow Archery’s new Toxic broadhead has six curved blades fixed on a 100 grain broadhead that expand on impact… and it looks mean.

Check out the demonstration of tests given in this video by Twang-and-Bang.


When it comes to broadheads, there is no shortage of variety a bow hunter can choose from, but you typically only have a couple different styles.

This new Toxic blade from Flying Arrow Archery is a revolutionary new design that might just be the deadliest yet. The three pairs of curved blades that expand inside the target, fixed on a 100 grain broadhead, look mighty lethal. The demonstration proved that these arrows produce a good accurate grouping while also having the ability to bust through the half inch plywood with no problem.

It’ll fly and group and 400 feet per second, it’ll punch through plywood without any serious damage to the blades, and of course it makes these meat worms when it goes through gel and certainly through tissue. I think that this broadhead meets its claims made by the manufacturer and in this controlled testing. Being the first year that this is available for hunting we’re starting to see the first reports of its use on game, and it seems that as long as you get good shot placement, you’re going to get a very fast kill. That’s a seven/eights inch cutting diameter, so you’re not necessarily going to get the same margin for error that a two-inch broadhead would give you.

All broadheads have the capability to produce a quick and ethical kill if you make an accurate shot, but if you plan to use this new Toxic broadhead, it is certain to get the job done.

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NEW: Toxic 6-Blade Broadhead from Flying Arrow Archery [VIDEO]