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You Should Know About These New Throw 'N Thunder Lures for 2015

When it comes to new lures for 2015, most fishermen stand up and take notice. 

I am a big fan of fishing with non-mainstream gear. I tend to choose to stay away from the bigger box retailers and instead like dealing with smaller companies directly to get the gear I need. I find in most cases, I actually get a better deal, better warranty, overall better product, and unmatched customer service.

These new lures from Throw 'N Thunder for 2015 shouldn't disappoint.

Throw 'N Thunder

I have been a fan of Throw 'N Thunder for some time now. These titanium spinnerbaits hold up fish after fish and if you have any problems at all with the performance or function of these lures, you can reach out to the company directly to get your problem fixed.

New colors coming out from Throw 'N Thunder, like this cole slaw pattern, is something you won't find in your average mail order catalog or big box retailer.

photo 1 (14)
Throw N' Thunder's ThunderSlaw

Here's another new lure coming out you may have never seen before. Large bass are already being boated all through the field testing stage and even in tournaments. You may want to make sure you have one before everyone else on the lake does too.

photo 1 (19)
Facebook/Throw'n Thunder

One final lure pattern coming out from Throw N' Thunder is a new metallic head featured in their Electric Storm Series. As bass fisherman know, any small change in a lure, especially a spinnerbait, can make all the difference.

photo 1 (16)
Brad Smith

To see more about Throw 'N Thunder, as well as their upcoming show schedule to get some of these awesome spinnerbaits yourself, check out this video below by Team Thunder.

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You Should Know About These New Throw 'N Thunder Lures for 2015