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The New Thinking Woodsman Podcast Arrows a Flatscreen TV as Part of the Show

Tim Kjellesvik

My favorite outdoor podcasts kept going off-air, so I decided to start The Thinking Woodsman Podcast.

If you're like me, regardless of where you are, you're thinking about getting outdoors to hunt or fish. It's a condition to be managed, not cured. My hope is that this podcast helps get you through those times you're stuck in traffic or losing your mind staring at a computer screen at work.

The show covers bowhunting, gear, outdoor celebrities, media, and hot button issues. We'll also make time for fishing, backpacking, outdoor skills and shooting stuff we probably shouldn't.

The February episode focuses on steps for overcoming "deerpression." Never heard the term before?  It's the general sense of malaise you get once bow season is over. It usually presents with the patient watching lots of hunting shows and staring off into the distant woods. You need coping strategies; hear six in this episode.

We also discuss how to care for your bow after it's been subjected to the punishment of a long deer season. Not only does your rig need to be in great shooting form, but it also needs to be safe. Mathews factory shooter and owner of Select Archery in Normal, Illinois talks about likely culprits for bow damage and wear.


For anyone looking to purchase a new hunting backpack, I review the merits of the Easton StakeOut XT 1700. There's audio of a ridiculous confrontation staged by anti-hunters, a quick lesson on how to easily flesh a deer hide, an interview with DirtNap Gear owner Tom Addleman, and finally, I shot a flatscreen TV with a broadhead tipped arrow...just to see what would happen. There's more to the show, so maybe you ought to just give it a listen.


The Thinking Woodsman Podcast – Episode 1

The March episode has a great interview about turkey scouting from legendary gobbler killer Ray Eye. Spring turkey hunters will want to listen in on that discussion. We've also got a surprise guest announcer to open the show, but you'll have to wait until then to hear who it is.

Find The Thinking Woodsman Podcast via iTunes or your Android device. Feel free to leave a comment and rate the show.


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The New Thinking Woodsman Podcast Arrows a Flatscreen TV as Part of the Show