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New Texas Spotted Bass Record Caught in Lake Alan Henry

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It didn't take long, but a new Texas spotted bass record has been caught.

Just five short years ago, a Texas spotted bass weighing in at 5.62 rocked the certified scales, beating a long standing state record since 1966. Now, on January 9th, 2016, a new spotted bass has officially been certified and is on the way to breaking the most recent record to take the top spot. At 5.98 pounds, this fish is pot-bellied chunk.

Spotted bass records seem to be coming coming quickly lately, but for Josh Helmstetler, he is the most recent to make headlines when he made his impressive catch from Lake Alan Henry in Texas' panhandle. Unfortunately, this angler knows his record might not last very long.

Item Online

"Alan Henry is full of big ol' spots," said Helmstetler in an interview. "I don't know how long my record will hold, but I'm going to enjoy it while I can."

On the day the new record was caught, Helmstetler was actually competing in a local fishing tournament.

"It was a really cold that day," Helmstetler said. "The high was supposed to be about 37 degrees, but I don't know that it made it. I had all of my ski gear on when I caught it, even my goggles."

33 fish later and the record was in the boat. After being caught on a LIVETARGET Glass Minnow BaitBall in "Silver Natural", Helmstetler didn't actually realize what he had accomplished until the weigh-in.

"At first I thought I had the possible lake record, but then the guy from a nearby bait shop showed up. When I told him I had a six pounder he told me it would beat the state record", he exclaimed. "I said 'dadgum, let's go get that sucker weighed on a certified scale!'"

The rest, as they say, is now state history.


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New Texas Spotted Bass Record Caught in Lake Alan Henry