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New State Record Largemouth for Delaware

Images via Facebook/AJKleinV

2016 just started and we already have our first state record largemouth! 

AJ Klein has claimed the new state record largemouth for the State of Delaware, a record that has been standing since 2012. When Klein started out on his fateful day of the record catch, little did he know what was about to happen, but eleven pounds and ten ounces later, he officially made history.

AJ Klein

Since 2012, a 10-pound, 10-ounce bass caught by James D. Hitchens, has been the undisputed largemouth lunker of the First State. However, that all changed when the new behemoth was caught out of Wagamons Pond on February 20th, near the town of Milton.

According to the report, when the big fish hit he thought he was snagged. Quickly, Klein realized he had actually hooked into a fish and the fight was on. He knew right away it was a big fish and careful measures were taken to get the fish to certified scales alive.

AJ Klein

After getting his fish legally registered on certified scales at bait shop in the town of Lewes, the new pending state record was released back into Wagamons Pond to live another day.

Congrats AJ on such a great bass! Also, thank you for being the fisherman that can say you watched it swim away.


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New State Record Largemouth for Delaware