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New State Record Drum Confirmed in Michigan [PICS]

Michigan DNR

This state record drum deserves some recognition. 

On Tuesday, March 31, the state of Michigan released a statement confirming that a new state record drum had been caught and certified. This new record beat the previous title holder from 1973 by over two pounds, even though the overall length of 34.02 inches was three inches shorter than its predecessor. Fortunately for the record holder, record fish are registered by weight, not by length.

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Texas Fishing Forum

Mark Leep, of Middleville, Michigan, was fishing on Gun Lake on Saturday, Jan. 24, at 4:30 p.m. when he caught the fish. After going through all the proper channels and several months later, his fish has been confirmed as the largest freshwater drum ever caught from Michigan.

Most drum tend to live in Lake Michigan or connecting rivers, but biologists believe this drum may have entered Gun Lake through illegal stocking.

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New State Record Drum Confirmed in Michigan [PICS]