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New Species of Frog is Kermit’s Identical Twin [VIDEO]

A new species of frog was found in Costa Rica and it looks almost exactly like Kermit from ‘The Muppets.’

Dr. Brian Kubicki photographed a new species of frog in Costa Rica. Biologists suspect that the species was overlooked because its call closely resembles that of an insect rather than a frog.

Its skin is translucent so you can see all its organs from underneath. But its eyes are what make it look like Kermit’s long lost doppelgänger.

Dr. Kubicki named the frog after his mother, Janet Diana Kubicki.

It probably should have been named Kermit Dos.

This new frog is of the glassfrog species, adding to the 14 other glassfrogs inhabiting Costa Rica. The last time a new species of glassfrog was found was in 1973.

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New Species of Frog is Kermit’s Identical Twin [VIDEO]