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New South Dakota Record Tiger Trout Caught While Ice Fishing

Rapid City Journal

This new record tiger trout is nearly three times the trout as the old record. 

Just days before the end of 2014, Mike Halter caught the largest tiger trout the state of South Dakota has ever seen. Halter was ice fishing with some of friends at Center Lake, located inside Custer State Park, when the giant tiger trout hit.

Halter was using a small jig tipped with two kernels of corn all morning long and caught several other smaller tiger trout before the record-breaking fish was pulled out of the ice hole.

Rapid City Journal

As soon as Halter and his friends saw how big the trout was, they all immediately wondered if it was a new state record and started putting the pressure on to keep the fish. Being an avid catch-and-release fisherman, Halter did have some reservations at first, but the idea of registering a state record got the better of him. The fish was taken to a local grocery store where it was measured on certified scales.

Hatler’s fish came in at 3.225 pounds which crushed the old record of 1.2 pounds pretty easily. Now Haler’s nickname around town is “Tiger Mike.”

Tiger trout are extremely rare in the wild but the state of South Dakota has stocked Center lake with thousands of fingerings as recent as 2009. Some people actually target these fish exclusively as they are known for their aggressiveness in hitting lures.

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New South Dakota Record Tiger Trout Caught While Ice Fishing