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New Series Reveals “The Other Side” of Being a Professional Hunter

jay gregory the other side

Jay Gregory, host of the long-running show The Wild Outdoors, shares a personal story of being shot with a high-powered rifle.

“People know that Jay Gregory is an amazing bow hunter, but they don’t know his story,” Jake Latendresse, director of The Other Side and owner of Latendresse Media Collectivedescribed to me over the phone. “Often times, online famous people take on a big deal of criticism and become burned out. What the people hiding behind the keyboard don’t know or realize is that it’s a real person. Behind the television show is a real human being. I think if they knew and understood the person from The Other Side, perhaps they would look at things differently.”

“That’s really what I want everyone to get out of this episodic series,” he added. “I put together a list of probably 20 concepts to film and edit that will be geared towards the title, The Other Side.

In this first episode, Jay sits down with Jake and tells the story of being shot by a high-powered rifle on April 4, 1991. Before this, Jay had rarely spoken of the incident, even to those closest to him.

Take a moment to watch and see, truly, The Other Side of Jay Gregory.

Jay’s story is not one that many know of, and in fact, when first given this story, I had no idea.

There’s no doubt that everyone has a story, and Jake is working hard to share that with all of us. As the series unfolds, we look forward to sharing the episodes here on Wide Open Spaces.

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New Series Reveals “The Other Side” of Being a Professional Hunter