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Try The New River For Florida Tarpon, Snook

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Ah yes, The New River, the reason they call Fort Lauderdale, ‘The Venice of America.’

But anglers know, despite all the hype about the millionaire´s homes, the Jungle Cruise and the winter boat parade, the real beauty of the New River is the fishing.

Whether you are out for relaxation or thrill, you will find it there.

Tarpon: A Thrill To Catch

Tarpon: A Thrill To CatchFast and large, this large chrome-plated hot rod fish is a favorite of offshore anglers. Tarpon range in size from 4-8 feet in length and weigh around 60-280.

The Goods

Be prepared to find snook, jack and even tarpon in Fort Lauderdale. Utilize 20 lb tackle and 12 lb rods to get the best results.

Bring live bait, artificial lures and flies. And when you hook a tarpon, expect a fight. They despise hooks as much as any fish you will ever battle. You will typically encounter tarpon of 50 to 100 lbs, but don’t be surprised to find even bigger.

The common belief is that January until April is the best time of year to fish at New River, but many say February through June is really the best stretch. If snook are your quest, you won’t be disappointed. You will find them up to around 24 inches. Not bad at all.

The Extras

The New River winds from the Intercoastal Waterway near the Atlantic Ocean, and flows through Fort Lauderdale to the western suburbs. Take some time to enjoy the South Florida scenery and activities. Rent a Sea-Doo, or check out the International Swimming Hall of Fame located near the world-famous Bahia Mar.

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Stroll along the Fort Lauderdale Beach. You will find restaurants serving all sorts of seafood, including shrimp and clams. If you are into family cook outs, arrive early in the morning to claim a grill and picnic table.

Do some water skiing, or, if you have the nerve, hang gliding is a great way to check out ‘The Venice of America.’

Tourists will tell you not to skip the water taxis. They will take you all over New River and the Intercoastal. Along the way, you will discover the best fishing spots because you will find out where the locals cast their lines.

So, are you planning a trip to Fort Lauderdale to fish along The New River? If you have already been to Fort Lauderdale, what memories do you have?

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Try The New River For Florida Tarpon, Snook