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Get Pumped! Big Game Migration Area to Open for Hunting in Wyoming in 2017

public hunting
Travis Smola

There is a new wildlife management area set to open in spring 2017.

Wyoming hunters will have a new area of public land to take advantage of for hunting starting in May 2017. The new Luke Lynch Wildlife Habitat Management area will also help preserve a crucial mule deer migration route.

The 364-acre property, located north of Pinedale on the Wind River Range's western front, was donated to the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission by the Conservation Fund and is being named to honor the Fund's Wyoming state director.

Lynch was a major component in helping preserve the corridor, but he died in 2015.

"This land is a key piece in the longest mule deer migration route ever recorded in the lower 48 states," Wyoming Game and Fish Director Scott Talbott said in a press release. "Thanks to our many partners who came together to maintain this important route, and I want to appreciate Luke for what he did for wildlife and for the partnerships he created that led to this moment."

Fortunately, the property was identified for its value as a mule deer route by the University of Wyoming and was quickly purchased by the Conservation Fund once it went up for sale last April.

public hunting

The area won't be open until May 1, of 2017, while Game and Fish develop some access roads and parking areas for hunters and other users. They will also spray for cheatgrass, do some habitat restoration, and put up appropriate signage.

The current plan is for the area to have a winter closure similar to Soda Lake WHMA from December 1-April 30 each year.

"We are working to keep the area as natural as possible for big game migration, so development will be limited to a minimum of access roads and parking areas," Pinedale Region Habitat and Access Supervisor Miles Anderson said in a press release.

Sounds like Wyoming hunters certainly have something to look forward to for the 2017 hunting seasons!

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Get Pumped! Big Game Migration Area to Open for Hunting in Wyoming in 2017