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New PSE Carbon Air is a Bowhunter’s Dream


This PSE Carbon Air is slick. See for yourself. 

The 2016 ATA Show did not disappoint. Every major manufacturer in the archery industry represented in a big way, and perhaps PSE made one of their best showings yet.

At the unveiling of their new PSE Carbon Air, crowds were gathered to all get to hold this bow themselves just to see what all the fuss was about.

In this video from ArcheryTalk, you can see for yourself why this bow is going to be so popular.

This monocoque-designed 2016 PSE Carbon Air bow is not for the entry level archer. Coming in at $1,499, a modest investment is required. Perhaps never before has so much cutting edge technology been crammed inside a single bow. It seems that price tag might be more of a steal after all.

I have not had a chance to fire this bow myself but I look forward to the opportunity someday. Lighter and lighter bows are coming out all of the time but it seems the rest of the industry might be a few years behind PSE in this breakthrough bow.

A bow this light would feel like it’s not even there!


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New PSE Carbon Air is a Bowhunter’s Dream