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New Pronghorn World Record Certified by Boone and Crockett

Image via Boone and Crockett Club.

Another hunting world record has fallen; this time for pronghorn antelope. You’ve got to see the set of horns on the new record holder!

It seems like we don’t go more than a few months these days without another fishing or hunting world record being beaten. Boone and Crockett recently certified a new world record for pronghorn antelope for an animal taken in New Mexico in 2013.

The lucky hunter who harvested the new record antelope is Mike Gallo. Gallo was hunting in Socorro County, New Mexico on that fateful day in 2013 and his name will always stand next to his remarkable pronghorn buck in the Boone and Crockett record books.

Gallo’s pronghorn scored 96-4/8” B&C points and broke the previous record, which was a tie between two pronghorn harvested in Arizona, by an impressive one and half inches.

The margin between Gallo’s world record pronghorn and the second place animal is the largest margin in the entire Boone and Crockett pronghorn record book which holds over 3,400 entries.

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The fact that records like this can still be harvested by hunters today is a testament to the conservation efforts, sustainable harvests, and responsible wildlife management that are fully supported by the Boone and Crockett Club.

“Records reflect success in big-game conservation,” said Richard Hale, chairman of the Club’s Records of North American Big Game Committee. “Remember, the pronghorn was once nearly lost, much like the bison, until sportsmen led an era of wildlife recovery. Now the species is flourishing. And the fact that such incredible specimens exist today says a lot about how far we have come, and how bright the future might be.”

For more information on this new pronghorn world record, go here.

Would you like to own a hunting world record some day? If so, what species would you like to hold the record for? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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New Pronghorn World Record Certified by Boone and Crockett